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Increasing your Salon/Spa Profit

Tara O'Kelly

Working at a salon and speaking with professionals in the industry, I have learned that doing services in the salon/spa is only one way to generate profit.  If you are looking to generate some extra money, with minimal effort, I have researched and spoken with industry experts to help you grow your bottom line.

One way that you can help increase profits is through retail products.  Not just ordering retail products, but also arranging them in an attractive way on your shelves.  You want your retail products to be located near the reception area and you want to rotate product around so that it catches your clients’ eyes each time they come back to the salon/spa.  Also, educating your staff on the products is key.  Offering them discounts on the products so that the staff can try them at home helps in allowing them to speak more intelligently on the product. As well, training the staff to offer clients product before they check out also helps your bottom line.


Gift certificate sales is another great way to increase profit for the salon/spa.  This will attract new clientele and more cash sales, particularly during the gift-giving seasons – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day, among others. According to Salon/Spa gift certificate sales are typically 10% of overall sales.

As a salon/spa owner or manager, you also want to ensure that your salon/spa is well maintained and that customer service remains high.  Customer service is one of the most important aspects of maintaining clientele and receiving referrals.  ‘Happy wife = happy life’ in this case, it is same principle with your clients.

If you are interested in any of TOK Beauty products for your salon/spa, please feel free to contact us.

Stay beautiful beauties,





How did TOK Beauty start?

Tara O'Kelly

My name is Tara O'Kelly, I am the owner of TOK Beauty, and while my business is to distribute some of my favorite beauty products, mainly to salons and spas, I would like to take a minute to introduce myself.

Born and raised in Ontario, I attended Wilfrid Laurier University and graduated with a Communications and Business degree. I was a normal teenager and young girl in my 20's, playing sports and hanging out with my friends and family. I loved to be social and was always the girl my friends turned to for makeup advice and a quick application before we went out.  After graduating I began working for my Dad, and am grateful to have gained experience from his company in marketing, accounting, and mainly sales.

February 2014, I made the move to Calgary, Alberta! Like a lot of young Canadians moving to Calgary in these years, it was typically for an oil & gas position.  I was no exception. I accepted a sales position in Calgary and was really enjoying it.  The recession hit the economy, and at the end of 2015, I was laid off. At this point, I had fallen in love with Calgary, made new amazing friends, and was starting over in my career...again!

While the recession has been tough for many, I have looked at it as kind of a blessing.  It forced me to pursue my passion. I began working at a salon to learn more about the industry, and certified myself as a makeup artist.

I knew I did not want to stop there and that I was destined to do more.  I missed the sales life, and wanted to combine both my makeup and sales worlds.  So, I started TOK Beauty! Distributing and selling some of my favorite beauty products in the market today.  I started by distributing a product/service called SunnaSmile (all natural teeth whitening solution), and I am slowly building my portfolio.

Follow me along on my journey!