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Makeup Artist Program

TOK Beauty Makeup Artist Program

As a makeup artist I understand how expensive it can be to fill your kit with materials to use at your appointments. I started TOK Beauty so that I would have a high-end line in my professional and personal makeup kit, and I want to ensure that it is affordable and accessible to all.

To apply:

To apply for the TOK Beauty makeup artist program, please email the following:

  1. a copy of your resume

  2. examples of professional documentation

    • one or more of the following:

      • union card,

      • professional license or publication masthead,

      • composite card,

      • editorial page with name credit,

      • program or press material with name and profession,

      • contract on professional letterhead,

      • professional website,

      • professional letter of reference of employment,

      • certificate/diploma.

Required professional identification must be current (within one year) and indicate your name and specific profession.

TOK Beauty reserves the right to require additional professional documentation at any time. All identification will be destroyed after processing and will not be returned. TOK Beauty reserves the right to reject the application for any reason. We reserve the right to periodically request updated evidence from you to confirm that you continue to be a working makeup artist.


As a makeup artist of this program, you will receive exclusive discounted rates on our CLEAN SLATE cleansing cloths, STUCK ON YOU natural lash glue, and silk lashes.

If you are looking to resell our products in a location that you work from - please see BECOME A RETAILER for additional information and an application form.