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TOK Lashes - IT TAKES TWO - Classic Lashes

TOK Lashes - IT TAKES TWO - Classic Lashes



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"These lashes are such great quality, they sell themselves"
Tanya, Kenedgo Salon and Spa

"I'd like to make an order for the magnetic lashes again. Now that word has gotten out, I've been flooded with calls :-)" 
Shannon, SMA Beauty Bar

"The IT TAKES TWO magnetic lashes have been selling super well so far! We have been really happy. We're very excited!"
Hayley, Organic Tan Pembina Valley

"The lashes arrived today and I LOVE! I need way more to fill all my orders. Lol! Let me know when they're back in stock please. And I cannot wait to see what your new products are :)"
Ashley, Organic Tan Medicine Hat