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Why you Should Make the Switch to Magnetic Lashes in 2019

How many times have you opened your phone and asked Google or Youtube “how do you create a winged eyeliner?” Or “how do I grow healthier hair and nails?”  I never really thought about it until I read an article by Refinery 29 called Why You Should Switch Over To Magnetic Eyelashes in 2019. The top trending search of 2018 was “how to apply magnetic lashes”. 

In 2017, TOK Beauty was the first company to launch silk, three magnet magnetic lashes.  This is the complete truth. Over the past two years they started popping up in department stores and online, with TOK Beauty remaining the highest quality to date. 

With an innovative technique, there are two lashes included in your case per eye. One lash is placed along the top of your eye line and the second lash is placed under your natural lashes secured with three tiny magnets to the top lash. No glue or expensive lash appointments required. To remove them, you push them apart to disconnect.  No tools, oils, or cleansers required for your eyes or the lash.  They are also reusable, which make the price point budget friendly. 

The article pointed out that using magnets near your eyes is ‘totally fine to use’.  Refinery 29 spoke with two optometrists who both prefer magnetic lashes over strip lashes and lash extension appointments.  Dr. Jennifer Tsai said “I’ve seen more harm done with lash extensions and glue-ons…It’s best to stick with magnetic lashes or mascara” 

While magnetic lashes can be a bit difficult to apply at first, practise makes perfect.  Our how-to video is located here.  Don’t let this hinder you from making the switch, because magnetic lashes are actually the best option for making your lashes pop - even according to the doctors. Join the tons of people searching for them, and get yourself a set of IT TAKES TWO Magnetic Lashes! 

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