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The TOK Travel Kit

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Travel In Style

We have packaged all of our best-sellers into an apple leather cosmetic bag, that you can take with you on the go! Choose your shade of Lip Tonic and Brow TOK to complete your everyday makeup look.

What's Included?
  • TOK Cosmetic Bag – made of apple leather!
  • Eyes That TOK Mascara
  • Curl TOK Lash Curler
  • Lip Tonic (shade of choice)
  • Brow TOK (shade of choice)
Care Instructions

Clean The Tara Cosmetic Bag with a damp cloth and mild cleanser.

How to apply?

Eyes that TOK Mascara - Starting at the roots of your lashes, apply the mascara in a wiggle motion and sweep the brush outward. Re-apply if desired.

Lip Tonic - Apply directly to your lips using the Lip Tonic applicator and re-apply as desired.

Brow TOK - Gently brush and sweep Brow TOK Volumizing Brow Gel into your eyebrows following their natural shape to add tint and definition. Brush upwards if you are looking to achieve that laminated look. Re-apply multiple coats as desired for extra thickness.

Tip: brush off excess product into the top of the tube for a light application.

Tip: Use a clean cotton wand, or your finger, to blend in, pat down, and clean up any imperfections. 

Curl TOK – Place your lashes above the rubber pad and gently squeeze to curl your lashes before applying Eyes That TOK Mascara.

Tip: Please ensure that the lash curler has no sharp edges and that the pad is not split at all. This can cause damage to your lashes. Please contact us right away for a replacement. We also have replacement pads available if you need to switch out the pad – we recommend you change these every three-six months.

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