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10 minute Date Night Makeup

10 minute Date Night Makeup

Heading out on a date night and want to jazz up your makeup from day to night using natural beauty products? We have got you covered! 

Here are four simple steps to the perfect quick date night makeup: 

1. Prep your skin

First you need to cleanse your face quickly from all the toxins of the day. Our CLEAN SLATE cleansing cloths are a quick and easy way to wipe off all the build up on your face from the day, and leave you lemony fresh. Toss our biodegradable bamboo cloth in the compost when you are done with it. 

2. Apply a base

Apply your favourite clean beauty moisturizer and foundation.  Currently I am using the Crunchi Foundation. 

3. Make your eyes pop

Now for the fun parts! Take some of our the TOK Liquid Eyeliner in brown or black, and draw a thin line across your eye line. Next, curl your lashes using the TOK Lash Curler and finally apply a coat or two of the TOK Mascara

4. Highlight Lips and Cheeks

I always say a look is not complete without some lips! Grab your favourite TOK Lipgloss shade and add that to your lips for some colour. 

Tip: You can apply the Lipgloss to your cheeks as a blush.

I hope you feel confident and that you enjoy your date night! 


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