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Start the New Year with a CLEAN SLATE

Start the New Year with a CLEAN SLATE

Did you set some new years resolutions this year? What I like about the new year is that it seems like it is fresh start, a CLEAN SLATE if you will.  It is a chance for us to set some new intentions with ourselves.

I find the best way to be successful with your new intentions is to set realistic expectations.  Don’t set an initial goal of going to go to the gym five times a week, when you have never been to the gym before. You are only going to end up disappointing yourself.

Maybe you want to join in on some of my goals for 2019? I would love that!

Switch all my beauty products to natural

In 2019 I plan to switch my entire beauty routine over to one that is natural and free of chemicals.  This process can take time and money, so it’s not feasible for everyone to do overnight. 
Sometimes it takes more work than going to your nearest drug store, but the benefits for your skin are worth it.
If you are a first time buyer of TOK Beauty products, use the code BRANDNEWBEAUTY for free shipping on us!

Build the TOK Beauty Brand

Are you with me on this? I want your input!
I want to create an entire natural beauty line. Now, that might be a high expectation for one year! But, slowly I will be rolling out new products. I want you to be the face. I want you to be the one that gives me feedback. I want TOK Beauty to be that one stop shop for all your natural beauty needs.

Travel more

I want to make more memories. Have adventures. Explore new places and meet new people.  Some of my favourite times are when I am travelling. The long road trips I take for TOK Beauty to meet business owners are great memories! I want to do more in 2019.
Where do you want to travel to in 2019?

Maintain a healthy mind and body

I want to stay focused on my health goals in 2019. When you have a healthy body, your mind is also healthy, and your skin is healthier too. I have come to learn this from personal experience.  If I do not take care of my body, I lose focus on what matters to me, and my skin also reacts negatively. Sometimes it’s not just what you put on your skin, but what you ingest as well. Have you also noticed this?

Motivate and promote self-love and self-care

A big goal of mine with TOK Beauty is to promote self-love and self-care.  I want to be that friend that you can turn to, that person that will motivate you, and that clean beauty product you will use to enhance your natural beauty. I will provide you with more beauty tips, tricks and looks!  Have any ideas? Send them my way! 

Are you with me in 2019? Let’s build this brand together!

Comment below with some of your personal resolutions.

TOK soon,

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