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How-To and FAQs

Want to learn how to apply our IT TAKES TWO Magnetic Lashes?


How do the IT TAKES TWO - Magnetic Lashes work?

Remember that practise makes perfect!
Think of your natural lashes as a piece of paper between two magnets. The top lash you are given has three magnets, and the bottom lash also has three magnets. They connect to each other on your eye.  You are given four lashes per set - two lash pieces for each eye.

How many wears can you get out of the IT TAKES TWO - Magnetic Lashes?

IT TAKES TWO - magnetic lashes are the most durable lashes on the market, however that being said they are made of silk and must be handled with extra care.
1. Lashes should be placed back in the case once properly removed. 
2. Magnets should be removed using a sliding motion, not picked apart or pulled off your lashes.

Please refer to the how-to video below, as it will provide tips on how to put them on and take them off properly. 
Also follow @tokbeauty on social media for additional tip videos. 

**TOK Beauty cannot guarantee a certain number of wears. However, even getting 4 wears out of them is more cost effective and safer for your lashes than lash extensions and lash glue with chemicals. 

How many styles does TOK Beauty have in the IT TAKES TWO - Magnetic Lashes?

We have two styles! 
Classic and Au Naturel - Au Naturel is just a little bit shorter in length. 
We also have three sizes of our band - SHORT, MEDIUM and LONG depending on the size and shape of our eyeline.
Check out our social media for comparison pictures!
If you are still stuck - send us an email to with a selfie and we will size you.

How do I clean the lashes?

You can use our CLEAN SLATE natural cleansing cloths and gently clean your lashes between the cloth or use a Q-tip with water to take of any makeup you may have gotten on the lashes.  You do not want to damage the silk. 

What is the return policy?

All TOK Beauty products are non-refundable upon purchase, for sanitary reasons.

Where can I get TOK Beauty products?

All TOK Beauty products are available online at
There is also a list of locations carrying TOK Beauty products